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The Adventures of Synegraph is a mix between Poker, Roguelikes and deckbuilding. This version is a special demo created for the Florida Polytechnic Game Expo to showcase the game. Feel free to preview the mechanics of the game but keep in mind that many elements are unfinished. 

How to Play

  • Tap a location icon to travel their. Skulls represent Enemies. "!" and "?"s represent Text Encounters.
  • Against enemies, play cards onto the board to fulfill the conditions of your Talismans in the upper left. Talismans will light up if they're ready to activate, but that will only happen when you place down the 5th card on the board. Activated Talismans generate attack power to damage enemies.
  • Even if you didn't fill up the board, you can end your turn to redraw your hand. When you end your turn, the enemy will attack you with damage each the value shown to their right. The cards you left in your hand last turn act as block to reduce the damage you take. Try to leave enough cards in your hand to block most of the enemy's damage as this is a roguelike so the damage will add up over time.
  • When you reach Text Encounters, play cards onto the smaller board like you would against an enemy, only this time instead of matching the conditions on your Talismans you're matching the conditions of different options listed below the text. Each option will have a different reward that will often allow you to improve your deck, so use your cards to choose carefully!


  • Removing cards from your deck that don't easily fulfill the conditions of your Talismans means you'll be more likely to draw useful cards during combat!
  • Increasing and decreasing the values of your cards is useful for fulfilling the conditions of the various Coin Talismans
  • Whenever you defeat a normal enemy, you'll be able to upgrade a Talisman. However, each Talisman can only be upgraded once so avoid combat when you've already upgraded every Talisman you can. 

Advanced Mechanics

  • Risky Text Encounters are marked with "!". These offer greater rewards but also greater risk. The option with an "!" next to it will cause something bad to happen if you fulfill its condition (even if you fulfilled the condition of a helpful option). 
  • Transmutation Cards are given as rewards for Text Encounters. You play these cards on top of other cards instead of on the board. When you end your turn or reach 5 cards, they will fuse with the card below them and change it. 
  • Enemies will begin putting their own cards on the board from level 2 onwards. These cards persist on the board even when you put down 5 cards and activate your Talismans. They're pretty disruptive when you're trying to fulfill certain conditions, but maybe you can use Transmutation Cards to help you?

Future Mechanics

  • Text Encounters with boards larger than 1. You'll have to play 2 or 3 cards to fulfill the conditions of the options and those options will get more specific. This will also allow you to use Transmutation Cards on Text Encounters.
  • Redraw Token will be rewards from Text Encounters. They will allow you a limited number of times where you can ditch your hand and draw a new one. In combat this means you can draw a new hand without the enemy getting to attack and in Text Encounters this means you can ensure you fulfill the condition for the option you want.
  • Bosses with abilities that complicate your plays a bit more. There cards will also be have special abilities.
  • Preview enemies and text encounters before heading to their locations. These previews will only provide limited information.
  • Potentially you'll be able to collect some more special ability cards yourself. These will be cards which change their element and value on the fly after they're put down on the board. I've planned very little about this so this feature is the most likely to be dropped or changed in the full game.
  • More enemies!
  • More text encounters / story!
  • More Talismans!
  • Sound and music!
  • An in game tutorial so you won't have to read an itch.io page!

The completed game will be released for $1 on Android devices. There is a small chance the game will also be released on PC and iPhones. You can expect a release late May early June. 

Install instructions

To allow the instantiation of an apk file downloaded from this page you need to enable "Install Unknown Apps". For Android 8.0 and above, go to Setting > Apps and tap the upper right dots. Now go to Special Access > Install unknown apps and allow the app you're using to view this page the ability to install unknown apps. You can also transfer the apk file to your phone and allow My Files to install unknown apps. Hope you enjoy the game!


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