A downloadable game for Windows

Tutorial: As this game is a work in progress it currently does not have a tutorial. Instead, here is an explanation of the basic mechanics:

Places in the City:

Bazaar: Lets you buy items by dragging them into your inventory. For the sake of the demo all items are free.

Square: Lets you recruit random adventures. After hitting the "Recruit" button drag the new adventures into the Inn if you want to keep them. This will cost gold in the final build, but for right now it is free.

Guild: Shows you your current quests. Click on a quest to start forming your party for it. The two lines here represent the frontline and backline. Drag adventures from the Inn to place them in the desired line. You're limited to 4 total on a quest. Once you click "Accept" battle will begin.

Inspecting Adventures: Drag an adventurer from the Inn to the question mark box to see their stats, abilities, and item. You can equip them with an item by dragging it from the inventory. 


Turns: Each turn every one of your adventures will be given 1 action. Once all the actions are spent the enemies all get actions. 

Abilities: Click on an adventurer (or enemy) to show their stats and abilities. Hover over an ability to see what it does. Click it to begin targeting. If an ability doesn't require targeting (for instance it works on yourself only) it will be instantly used.

Resistances and Weakness: Both adventurers and enemies have resistances and weakness to different types of damage. These are denoted in the "Incoming" section of stats. "Order -50%" indicates that all order damage they take will be reduced by 50 percent whereas "Chaos +50%" indicates that all chaos damage they take will be increased by 50 percent. 

Lore: The city of Arcstone is named after the crystal at its center which produces the energy necessary for Order magic. The demonic forces, wielding their Chaos magic, hope to destroy the Arcstone and the leylines surrounding the city to snuff out the magical power of its inhabitants. You as the Royal General have been given the task of defending our home.

Gameplay: Recruit adventurers of different races and classes to fight in turn-base battles against various enemies. Units are positioned in either the front of back line dictating who can be hit with what ability. Attack with either Chaos, Order, Blunt or Sharp to target your opponent's weakness while protecting your own.


Defenders of Arcstone.zip 41 MB